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Проект Breakfastcriminals, которым занимается Ксения Авдулова, участвует в фестивалях суперфудов, посещает тематические конференции и воркшопы. Также у Breakfastcriminals есть свой аккаунт в Instagram с рецептами красивых, вкусных и полезных завтраков. Кроме того, на странице публикуются рецепты и с других аккаунтов, подписанные хештегом #breakfastcriminals.

If you're watching my stories, you know that we're having the most epic food adventures in Russia 🌲🥄❤️ Here we took a traditional Russian breakfast spread and upgraded it with some of our superfood finds, like the 4 kinds of THE MOST thick, delicious and fresh honey 🍯 One of them is pine honey that tastes just like a wild forest, one is with the healing propolis, and then we broke all the rules and mixed a goji berry honey with royal jelly honey ✨ Royal jelly is a magical substance fed to the queen Bee. Scientists don't know how to exactly explain what it is, we only know that it's one of the most powerfully healing products in the entire world 💛 We've been taking it in the AM with shilajit and getting a bit buzzed from it 😋 There's also oladyi = Russian pancakes just taste similar to donuts; zapekanka = Russian cheesecake made from farmers cheese [my fave!], chickpea halva with ghee & lavender, millet porridge with plums & cinnamon [my comfort food], churchella = Georgian gummy bar made with grape juice, walnuts & flour. Also coffee made with cashew milk that we found at @azbukavkusa. Next time trying it with pine nut milk which is off the charts! 🐿🤗🙏🏼💋 #breakfastcriminals

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Criminally sneaked in a blue majik + almond yogurt parfait with edible flowers for after my @mndflmeditation session 🐿🌲😋 What a gift it is to take a break from the go-go-go NYC pace & take a moment to breathe & connect with other human beings 💚 Really needed to recover from a confrontation that happened to me on the subway, and slowing down & being present for myself was the perfect remedy ✨ The parfait is made with chia seed pudding with maple cream & homemade sprouted almond milk blended with @pearlbutter blue brain butter; @kitehillfoods almond milk yogurt; @purely_elizabeth GF granola, blackberries, pistachios 🥄Start simple by checking out chia seed pudding recipes on www.breakfastcriminals.com🤘🏼 #mindfulmorning #breakfastcriminals

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The most delicious paleo macro bowl made for me with love by @abbimillerholistic 💛 With sautéed spinach from her garden, nori, sweet potatoes, sauerkraut, avo with Hemp seeds, homemade dairy free pesto, carrots, almond milk dicots cheese & grain free crackers 🌱🙌🏼😌🍴 The perfect nourishing fuel after leading #bizbabesymposium this past weekend. Still buzzing from all the incredible feedback we're getting of our biz babes feeling motivated, inspired & clear on their next actions 😻 For those of you who want the virtual version of the tools we shared, DM me your email and I'll let you know when it's available + make sure you follow @ksenia_avdulova ⚡️p.s. I'm getting to all your AMAZING intern applications this week!! 💕 #breakfastcriminalsgoessavory

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